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Dec 2

Interview with ABRAPE

R+T Asia: Can you briefly describe ABRAPE and its role in the South American market, and what are the association’s major changes in recent years? 
ABRAPE: The ABRAPE was founded in 2004 by some Brazilian entrepreneurs who wanted to create the whole market of curtains and blinds. The field of activity of the ABRAPE covers only the Brazilian territory, that although Brazil is a big country and we have 12 countries in South America. In 2011 the ABRAPE started a work to normalize the market of shutters by creating a series of rules and specifications for the market. Today we have two standards that apply to all the Brazil and the third in the development process along with ABNT (National Agency for technical standards).  Standard 16.007 Venetian Blinds
Standard 16.234 Roller Shutters and Roman Shades Today ABRAPE have 90 associated companies and this number is growing

R+T Asia: How long have you been organizing delegation groups?
ABRAPE: I have organized delegation groups since 2014 when we started organizing a delegation to visit R+T Stuttgart 2015 when we can organize a group of 90 people divided in 35 companies.

R+T Asia: How large is the delegation group, and how would you describe the job functions of the industry professionals who are in the group?
ABRAPE: The Most part of job functions are in this group is the CEOs, Owners, and Counselors. 

R+T Asia: Why have you chosen R+T Asia, and what unique features or benefits does the show offer? 
ABRAPE:  We chosen R+T Asia because, the most of our components come from Chinese market and it is always a good opportunity to meet new suppliers, since many Brazilian companies make imports of such products

R+T Asia: What are the delegation’s primary expectations for coming to R+T Asia and the Chinese market?
ABRAPE:  Make business and meet new products and trends