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Mar 7

Interview with APA Spanish Association of Automatic Door Manufacturers

Introduction: APA Spanish Association of Automatic Door Manufacturers

APA, the Spanish Association of Automatic Door Manufacturers, integrates the manufacturers of commercial, industrial, and residential doors, as well as related fire, automation, and component products. The organization cooperates with other Spanish associations and federations that are linked to the manufacture, installation, and maintenance of automatic doors.

APA is a member of the European Door and Shutter Federation (EDSF), the federation of European industry door associations.

APA promotes and co-organizes FIPA, the Spanish fair of automatic doors, together with Feria Valencia. A monographic fair specialized in all the sector's offer.

Products: Commercial, industrial, residential doors, fire, automation and components


Interviewer: R+T Asia    Interviewee: Ricardo Ricart - General Manager of APA Spanish Association of Automatic Door Manufacturers

Question 1: What brings APA this year to R+T Stuttgart? 

APA: R+T is the international show for automatic doors in Europe and all international markets. The show is ideal for companies that want to sell their products worldwide, find business partners, and share information.

Question 2: Where are your main export market/countries?

Ricardo RicartThe association comprises the industry’s Spanish and international companies that have offices (delegations) in Spain. We promote the interests of our members especially in the European-Latin market, but also internationally. Our main focus is to deliver the brand worldwide. We also organized the International Congress of Automatic Doors with the support of other national and international door/gate associations and trade fairs, such as R+T, FIPA, or IDAExpo.

Question 3: Does APA have representation in the Asian market? Do you plan to become more international?

Ricardo RicartSo far, we do not have a direct relationship with the Asian market, but some of our members already do business in Asia. Our interest is to link Asia with the International Congress. For the 3rd International Congress 2019 we have two countries interested in hosting the Congress, USA and Italy. We hope that China will host the Congress in the near future.

Question 4: How would you describe the benefits of belonging to APA?

Ricardo RicartThe members participate directly in all the association’s decisions and activities. We offer excellent networking possibilities, and we are a national association, looking for the recognition and support from our Ministry of Industry and Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation.

Question 5: What has been a noteworthy pioneering product of the last 10 years in your industry?

Ricardo RicartOur companies invest a lot in safety. We have seen significant development of components and products that are related to safety, comfort, and convenience.

For more details about APA Spanish Association of Automatic Door Manufacturers, please go to the website.